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Filing for Bankruptcy

Each debtor is now required to take two “educational courses” as part of the bankruptcy process. The first course is a credit counseling course to explore alternatives to bankruptcy. It must be taken within 180 days prior to filing for bankruptcy relief. The credit counseling course lasts 90 minutes and can be taken by telephone or through the internet. Upon completion of the credit counseling course, a certificate is issued which must be filed with the bankruptcy petition. The next step is to prepare the bankruptcy petition. The petition describes the debtor, his or her property, monthly income and expenses, creditors, what the financial life has looked like over the past few years, and whether it satisfies the means test. Also, pay stubs and tax returns are required by the trustee to verify the petition’s accuracy. Once the debtor signs the bankruptcy petition under penalties of perjury, it is filed with the US Bankruptcy Court. A trustee is then assigned to the case, a date is set for the creditor’s meeting, and all creditors are notified by the Bankruptcy Court to stop all collection activity.

Attorney Krainess has streamlined the bankruptcy process for his Ohio clients. After an initial phone consultation, an office appointment is scheduled. Attorney Krainess will then ask all the questions necessary to prepare the bankruptcy petition, pre-register you for the two education courses, download your credit reports and file your case for hearing. Our goal is to be so thorough in the interview process, that the meeting of creditors is virtually stress-free.

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